Thursday, May 4, 2017

Great Youtube Bouncing WO

This routine is great and FREE!

I also edited it to music only because German cuing was not needed:

Also I just got a new toy: an RCA Viking PRO 10.1 2-in-1 from HSN and recorded a short tune while following a Sister Fitness video in our den on the 48 inch PROBounce.  

Here is a clip showing the bounce on the b bOUNDER:
I just could not position the camera and b bounder to get the whole thing in landscape so it starts showing the lower body bounce on the mat then switches to showing more upper body.

The PROBounce is much springier but the b bOUNDER enables more side-to-side action and the barre gave me security for the crossover jacks.   The jacks were much more intense because the upperbody was used.

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