Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tweaking and Freestyling

I did some KPDanceBody that included the song *Sorry* then some BodyJam which included the same song which made me more aware of what I liked and didn't like about the choreo of each.  I like KP moves but would prefer if the same move were repeated for more reps before switching to another.  Just as I am catching on to a move, it disappears for awhile and by the time it returns, I am having it disappear again just as I am enjoying it so continue do the move I like for a few more reps, missing the next move or two or three.  With BodyJam, the same moves are repeated so much that I start tweaking them to the point that I am more free-styling than following their routine.  Also they are too one-sided and not using both sides equally so I start reversing the moves to be more equal.  To find routines that repeat moves I like just the right number of reps is almost impossible.  Shine Dance Fitness comes close but the *Whoo*s ruin most of their routines for me.   Alchemy of Movement repeats the same moves too much within the same longer routines.  So I automatically tweak or freestyle no matter what I am doing as long as I like the music and some moves.
Bottomline my favorite routines are my edits with MUsic only and keeping just the moves I like.

I want to thank Trump for being such a jerk.   Thanks to his personality disorder,  most equal rights are protected and these ridiculous freedom of religion bills that discriminate will be tossed and our country will become more unified than separate.  Bullies will always be bullies but it is nice to know they are the actual minority. It is about time this country had a female as POTUS and a working Senate.    So thank you Mr. Trump for unifying our country against you and your ilk.

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