Saturday, June 25, 2016

Last of KPDanceBody on Periscope

Today were the last KPDanceBody classes to be offered on Periscope.

Luckily I caught both classes LIVE with Firefox Download Helper because the Periscope TS file did not have the second class.  You can see the whole second class on Twitter using Chrome but cannot produce a file including the second class with Periscope Down.
The file of the first class ended with an explanation of their streaming which launches Monday.

The first class recorded LIVE flawlessly except for a rotten camera angle.
The second class had a glitch when adjusting the camera so I had to edit the two parts separately or one part would have been upside down.

They were also on FaceBook Live.
I was able to download both from FaceBook with Firefox Download Helper and did not need to rotate the videos!
The camera angle was better on FaceBook (less of her head cut off)
BUT could not hear Katia at the end because the audio was out of sync.

Overall, I prefer the FaceBook Live visual and wish it had been offered for previous streams.

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