Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I have been stressed because of the Orlando massacre and the jerk running for POTUS and his sidekick (Dumb and Dumber).  The idiot sidekick said we should bomb overseas in retaliation for the Orlando shooting.  Um, where and why?  This was the act of an unstable lone wolf who projected his self-hate on to innocent victims, victims who deal with this hate daily from American politicians and religious leaders.
One has to wonder why these *leaders* and their followers are so obsessed about gay rights. How happy can they be in their own lives if so obsessed?

OK retaliate and shove those Freedom of Religion bills where the shine does not shine and remove all politicians and religious leaders who preach hate from their podiums and pulpits and ban assault rifles.   Trump wants to appoint Supreme Court Justices who will reverse gay marriage rights.  Sidekick vetoed gay marriage in NJ.  Just thought I should mention there are huge Muslim communities in NJ.  Way to go our wonderful idiotic governor.
This morning when I woke up neither our FIOS internet or phone were working so after tediously jumping through hoops on both mobile phones, I finally got a FIOS tech support person who informed me, it was just maintenance.  He explained they do this twice a month during the night.  Why did FIOS not explain this to their customers? and save them lots of aggravation???

Anywho I worked out and was miserable having lots of twinges triggering in several parts of my body.  The loud instructor in Shine made me more miserable.  After several attempts with videos that my mind and body rejected, thankfully, I finally clicked with an edit of a John Abdo Walk.

very happy I did not give up!!

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