Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Homophobia, call it what it is

More and more Homophobia seems to be the main cause of the Orlando Massacre.

It does not matter if it were radical Christian or radical Islam ideology that added to the instability of the shooter's mind.  Our society is not kind to LGBT citizens.  Our society is not kind to Muslims, especially after 9/11 and worse since more recent radical Islam terrorism around the world.  The GOP primary and recent GOP freedom of religion bills which discriminated against LGBT demonized both Homosexuals and Muslims. The hate I see daily takes its toll.  I have seen how it has affected me as the mother of a gay man. I can only imagine what the combination of homosexual feelings and being Muslim can do to an unstable person since both groups are demonized in our country.
It disgusted me to hear the hate from Dr. Carson.  A Black man who became a medical doctor.  Hate was more powerful than education in his case.  I worked in a hospital and know firsthand how many Muslims and homosexuals are in the medical profession.

There is a belief that the worse Homophobes are those who are trying to suppress homosexual feelings.  Maybe if religious leaders and politicians would stop their hate trains, there would be less radical homophobia and homosexuals could have equal rights and the pursuit of happiness that our Constitution guarantees with separation of Church and State.

Politicians who cannot separate Church and State should not hold public office.
Religious leader who cannot remove hate from their pulpit have their own agendas and their congregations do not have to follow them.

Choose Political Correctness over Bullying.
Choose Love instead of Hate
Live and Let Live.


  1. I linked to your blog through video fitness and I so strongly agree with your post! I don't have any gay family members but I have some wonderful gay friends and former colleagues (I am retired). The fact that they are subjected to this ongoing discrimination, hate, and homophobia Is heartbreaking.

  2. Thank you for posting. I sent you an email through VF (I think? LOL)