Friday, June 10, 2016

Loved Erin Today!

I enjoyed all I did this morning:

some of an edited Alchemy with Lucy as a warmup
some of a youtube Jennifer Galardi Ballet Body
an edited Alchemy with Erin
a youtube gyrokinesis demo:

I like Ballet Body but have to be careful not to trigger muscle spasms with it.
Erin's Imagination was edited to offer just my favorite tunes.
The edit worked well on both bungees and ball.

Just a few thoughts about the POTUS and the internet:
I have had a great deal of trouble using government websites for years.  Just this past open season in November, there was a big change in medical insurance plans for federal employees and retirees.  My husband and I had the option of choosing a *one plus one* plan instead of a family plan.   Their website would not enable making this change and we had to call dozens of times over the next two weeks to get through to a person to make the change.  This change should have been a simple choice through snail mail or when signed into my husband's account but was not.  Just signing into my husband's government account for medical insurance information had been complicated and difficult and as most of my friends know, I am very pc savvy.

My husband found using a computer in his office way too confusing for him.  It was a huge part of the stress contributing to early retirement and he claimed he was one of the best in his office at using their computer system!  I am still amazed at this claim because I have witnessed his inability to use a pc and the internet for years.

So Hilary was brilliant to have her own private email account.  It is a real invasion of privacy and obscene to think of anyone having their private email investigated and read by strangers.  Just the thought of someone seeing my typos makes me cringe.
Her emails have been under investigation for a very long time and no serious breech in security has been proven.  Much more transparency about her tax returns which are posted online too.  Technology for browsers and social media changes almost daily as do the government regulations about them.

Trump has Twitter diarrhea and tweets whatever he feels like saying with no filter or discretion.  He either has dementia or is a pathological liar and is always contradicting himself.  He uses Twitter to deliver childish attacks. What do you think his official private email will look like?
(we may never see his tax returns)

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