Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fickled Again LOL

This morning I did a few edited Alchemy of Movement routines and a part of a TA class.  I had edited some Alchemies, keeping just the tunes I wanted to revisit.  I really enjoyed routines with Erin and Tori because their music is louder than their cuing.  I enjoyed them so much that after I get done editing what I already have, I may subscribe for another month to get new music and choreo to edit.  Most of the tunes I did were easy to tweak on both bungees.   I had so much fun, I may eventually record myself doing some of them.

I also enjoyed the upper body and some cardio with light weights in a TA class while sitting on a large stability ball.  Upper body cardio is supposed to help lower blood pressure and definitely seems to do that for me.

I have not seen anything posted about a Periscope KPDanceBody class today so it may be over ....

Trump added two words to his slogan:
Make America Great again
For Everyone

of course he left out a few words:
*For Everyone Who Kisses My A$$*
is what he really wanted to say

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