Monday, June 13, 2016

Hate is Poison

Imagine being a parent and being notified that your child was killed in the Pulse night club while never even knowing that your child was gay.   Thanks to our intolerant society, many gay children are afraid to come out to their parents.  Some parents have made it very clear that they will never accept a gay child.  They actually hate the reality that a child is gay more than they love their child.   Sad but True. Other parents like myself after a grieving process, love their child and evolve.
For the parents who knew and accepted their children, it has been very difficult to see so many Americans demonize their child.
Now those same people want to demonize Muslims, even though they made life so much harder for GLBT children and their families.

Do not let this tragedy promote more hate in the form of Islamophobia.
Many of the people who want to demonize Muslims have also demonized GLBT.
It is about Hate.
It is about Homophobia.
It is about being able to buy an assault rifle and high power ammunition to kill another human being because of hate.

Stopping the immigration of the Muslim victims of Radical Islamic terrorism is not the solution.
The people who want to demonize Muslims are helping to create future Radical Islamic Terrorists.
The people who want to demonize GLBT citizens must not hold a public office and be given the power to discriminate.

Just say *No* to irrational hate.
If your religious leader promotes hate, find another place of worship.
If a politician promotes hate, VOTE!

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