Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump is the Embodiment of Hate

As a woman, I had to listen to misogynistic remarks my whole life.
As a Jew, I had to listen to antisemitic remarks my whole life.
As a mother of a gay man, I have had to listen to homophobic remarks the past 18 years since our son came out.
As the mother of an autistic man, I have had to listen to bullying behavior of those who do not give a damn about my son's feelings.

Now I have to hear the same divide and conquer bullying behavior directed at Mexicans and Muslims.
It is not just embarrassing but disgusting that a nominee for POTUS is a bully and a bigot.

How can parents teach their children to be respectful of other people with this narcissist as a role model???

Vote and prove the majority of people in this country prefer civility and respect for one another over ignorance and hate.  Since when is being a bully better than being politically correct?

ETA: It looks like the GOP is trying to motivate Democrats who support GLBT equal rights to become Islamophobic.  Does it really matter what the religion is of a religious fanatic?  How about having this tragedy motivate the GOP not to discriminate against GLBT equal rights and to stop promoting ignorance and hate?

The GOP supporting GLBT discrimination need to be more honest about their own label and spreading of hate:

There are gay Democrats and gay Republicans.
There are gay Hispanics, gay Blacks, and gay Asians.
There are gay Muslims, Christians and Jews
Every single political party, ethnicity, race, religion, etc. has gay members.
Also each of these groups has the potential to create hate and violence towards each other, especially towards GLBT.

The GLBT community have more in common with the American Muslim community than some American Christians who deny GLBT equal civil rights.
Both groups are treated poorly by bigots and bullies.
People who prefer Love to Hate need to stand together.

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