Monday, June 20, 2016

Edited Alchemy and Shine

This morning I did some youtube Bombay Jam then Get Sexy Shoulders/arms then edited Alchemy of Movement and last but not least edited Shine Dance Fitness, removing most of the obnoxious audio.  The Shine routines were so much better after editing!  On their FaceBook page someone recently gave them a one star review because of the *Whoo*s, etc.  Hopefully, the instructor will try to refrain from yelling out annoying sounds but I doubt she can break these habits.  It may be fine during a live class but very annoying when doing a stream with the volume loud for the music.
There have been other dance streams (Jessica, Oula, Plyojam) with annoying sound effects by the instructor which ruin the effect of their great music, exception being KPDanceBody on Periscope.
KPDancebody will be streaming soon and hopefully will keep their loud music.
(6 more days and counting till DanceBody streams)

Trump fired his campaign manager who wanted Trump to be Trump.
Guess it is time to see if the old orangutan can learn new tricks.

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