Saturday, June 18, 2016

KPDanceBody on Periscope Today

The class started before 11am EST without any warning.

The PeriscopeDown TS file is missing over 30 minutes, mostly in the middle of the workout and alittle at the end.
The MP4 file from Firefox Download Helper had most of the workout but cutoff even sooner than the TS file did.  I had the last few minutes that appeared LIVE and added them but even the LIVE segment ended when the TS file ended.

This morning I did an edit of the extended cardio from Michael Carson's Get Sexy, some Shine Dance Fitness and some of a TA class.  I loved Michael and TA but that instructor from Shine just does not realize how her yelling poorly affects the effect of her classes.  Even when another person is leading the class, the *owner*? is yelling out unnecessary cues and sound effects.  Today *Whee* became one of her favorite shout-outs beside *Whoo* and *Oh*.   Besides loudly cuing the wrong move, she counts loudly in the beginning of reps instead of a coutdown when we are approaching the last rep.  She really needs to do her own streamed classes herself to see how annoying her cues and sound effects are.  $10 a month is too much for her screaming and horrible cuing, especially since the routines repeat alot.  Then again, it is still a better deal than Alchemy of Movement which has its share of yelling and repetitive routines.

Whoops, I left one edit out I enjoyed alot, I edited a bunch of Bombay Jam routines from youtube and really enjoyed them!

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