Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trump Economics 101

Why doesn't Trump put his money where his mouth is concerning the economy of the US?

He has most of the products with his branding manufactured in other countries including a clothing line made in Mexico.

He has used illegal immigrant workers instead of union workers.

He has tried to pay as little as possible in taxes and will not share his tax returns.

He offers free rounds of golf and hotel rooms to charity, rarely cash.

He loves debt and bankruptcy, making everyone else carry the burden of his ventures.

He loves law suits, including even suing his rich business partners from China who bailed him out.

He has conned people out of money with a fraudulent university.

If anyone thinks he will do anything for the middle class, think again.

Instead wasting money building a wall between the US and Mexico, how about improving the infrastructure in the US and restoring homes to people who lost them because of Mother Nature.  This would create lots of jobs as well.

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