Sunday, June 12, 2016

Daily Burn 365

I never saw any tweets from KPDanceBody yesterday so do not think a Saturday class was done for Periscope.

Class was today!
(tip: I used Handbrake on the PeriscopeDown TS file then rotated it with Freemake Video Converter)

KPDanceBody streaming will be starting next week!!!
Will post when I know more.

This morning I mostly did some DailyBurn 365.  Every week, except the Memorial Day Monday, there has been a free class on youtube.  I enjoyed some of the moves and fast forwarded through others and overall, felt a good cross training effect.  Their cardio was great on the bungees.

It is ironic how people who lean towards ignorant hating support having guns but are Prolife.  Also they are against equal rights for GLBT tax paying citizens and want to ban Muslims from entering the US.  Equal rights for all means losing religious freedom to them??  Just once I would like to see such hate directed at people who eat shellfish so it is less hypocritical.
They want protection from foreign terrorists yet domestic terrorists kill people in abortion clinics, places of employment, public events, schools, and last night, a gay night club.
Hate is Hate no matter which religion (or politician) is preaching it.
The shooter was born in America and hated seeing two men kiss.
Bet there are many deluded people dancing on roof tops today (and some are still eating shellfish).

My heart goes out to the many families who lost a love one last night.

There is good reason why Trump's tweets about this horrible massacre are so off point:
he has no heart. (not much of a brain either)
He rather use it to bolster Islamophobia than feel any empathy for the GLBT community and their families.  The Muslims who do not hate are also victims of this hate crime.
(note: there are plenty of non-Muslims celebrating this massacre)

LOL Trump was shooting himself in the foot yet again, claiming if people in the bar had guns, the tragedy would have ended differently (perhaps more people killed with bullets flying from more directions?).  Yes by all means let guns in a bar where people drink and of course, as he said before, even in schools.  The shooter shot a security guard to enter the bar.  Imagine if anyone could bring a weapon into anyplace without any security.

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