Friday, June 24, 2016

Trump Economics 102

A recent analysis by Moody's rating agency:
 Trump's policies could result in up to 7 million U.S. jobs lost.

How can anyone really believe that Trump should be the next POTUS?
His business focus will greatly influence his political focus.
His business will always come first.

The man is an expert at paying little to no taxes.
He will try to make that even more possible for him and his kids in the future.
His tax returns must be made public!
(just imagine his tax audit for 2015 after becoming a candidate and how many IRS agents will be needed to ever complete that audit)

The man is an expert at paying as little as possible for services.
He is the opposite of Robin Hood, stealing from the poor so he can be richer.
No way will he do a 180 degree turn and help the blue collar and middle class.
His law suits and bankruptcies are proof of his *deal making* focus.

He rarely donates cash to any charity.
(Thanks to pressure from the press, he did make a donation to Veterans)

He cares little about anything except getting every dollar he can without any empathy for the people he fleeces.  He is a sociopath with no conscience.

Everything he is promising to stop, he is guilty of doing and will never stop:
tax loopholes, outsourcing business to countries with cheaper labor, hiring illegal immigrants instead of union members, paying his own assets with campaign funds, etc.
(he is only forgiving the loans he made to his campaign fund because after the convention, he can only be repaid $250,000 and he is far from having enough in the campaign fund to pay back those loans)

He believes any lie he says enough will become the truth in most ignorant minds.
He is an economic bully as well as a social bully.
Do not make the US the next big mark for this con man.
Pt Barnum is known for claiming there is a sucker born every minute.
Lots of suckers are being born in the US.


As far as international economics:
Trump did not know what Brexit was when interviewed and had it explained to him, deciding quickly he was for the UK parting ways with EU.
He then plans a business trip to Scotland because of his golf courses coinciding with the Brexit vote.
Scotland wanted the UK to remain in EU!
A POTUS candidate and business man with assets in Scotland should have been more informed about their politics and economy.
To add insult to injury, the jerk blames President Obama because the POTUS tried to warn the UK of the consequences if leaving the EU.  Remember, Trump believes any lie he says enough will become the truth in most ignorant minds.

The UK's main motivation for leaving the EU was to stop immigration, not that it is easy to immigrate to the UK with its current Visa system or our son would be working and living there.  To put their economy and the world economy at risk was letting irrational fear have more power than common sense.
I have witnessed the damage a Demagogue can do to an online community and shudder to think what one will do to our country and the world.

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