Friday, April 7, 2017

POTDS Bannon or POTUS Trump?

Now that rump has pivoted away from the alt-right by demoting the President of the Divided States Bannon and giving a damn about Syrian kids, the big question becomes .....

will President Bannon regain control as POTDS
will rump try to become the POTUS and listen to more reliable advisers

Only Time will tell.

Maybe he will care about the surviving Syrian refugees
Maybe not

Maybe he will care about the American born children who face losing a deported parent
Maybe not

Maybe he will care about pollution affecting unborn fetuses and children
Maybe not

and only cares about himself
The sudden caring about Syrian babies was just an excuse to order the air strike in an attempt to reverse his tailspin in polls.
His old Tweets suggesting Obama would do likewise are proof.

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