Wednesday, April 19, 2017


When it comes to The RUMP,  he is his own worse enemy.
The more he rants on Twitter, the more he demonstrates his ignorance and incompetence.

Ossoff received more votes than predicted in spite of and probably thanks to The RUMP's Tweets and robocalls even though The RUMP is spewing his alternate facts and giving himself the credit for Ossoff not getting over the 50% needed to avoid a run off.
Ossoff was predicted from polls to get 42% and perhaps, up to 46% from undecided but thanks to The RUMP got 48%.  Also the district had been recently gerrymandered by the GOP so some who expected to vote for Ossoff, could not.

Why demand more aircraft carriers if his administration cannot keep track of the ones the US already have?

Why demand we buy American and hire American when products sold by The RUMP brand, including his red hats, are made outside of the US and many of his properties need visas for workers?

Why congratulate Turkey for weakening their position as a Democracy?
(because he has businesses there!)

His ignorance and incompetency are reflected by all of his efforts as are his Conflict of Interests:

Why allow the coal industry to pollute our country when the coal industry is dead and not going to be revived? (The RUMP earns $$ from the oil industry)

Why build an expensive wall when we have 2 huge coasts less protected by a reduced Coast Guard?

Why give tax credits to the wealthier for healthcare and remove the subsidies from the less wealthy? (coal miners have received many benefits through the ACA)

Why give lower taxes to the wealthier who already do not pay their fair share, especially when he has no transparency with his own tax returns?

Why have a Muslim ban only for countries where his businesses are not located?

This list is never-ending but The RUMP is an even bigger Ass than expected and has no clue what the US taxpayers want, especially those who voted for him.  For example, his war against Mexico will hurt Iowa's corn commodity.
The GOP has no clue what US taxpayers want and gerrymandering districts can go just so far.

Grassroots movements, Town Halls, and protests will not be ignored at the polls and all frustrated taxpayers will benefit from The RUMP's Conflict of Interests, lies, ignorance and incompetence.

and this is all about finances without even including all of the people being harmed by The RUMP hate rhetoric and GOP unfair social services reductions.

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