Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nuisance Phone Calls

It is obvious *Do Not Call* does nothing for stopping nuisance phone calls.
I usually just let the answering machine screen our calls but when my husband is out shopping, I usually do answer.  Running to the phone to answer a nuisance call has really become annoying as well as inconvenient.  I have considered dropping our landline altogether but our son does not have a mobile phone anymore and really do not want to give out our mobile numbers or have them on all of the time.

I finally took some action and figured out how to block phone numbers with our Landline FIOS Digital phone service:

I have blocked all of the  numbers from the incoming call list for the past week, some of which had called several times in spite of being reported to *Do Not Call*.

Our phone may not ring at all for days or even weeks! LOL

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