Monday, April 3, 2017

Why RUMP Lies
is part 2 of the LA Times series

copied and pasted from the article:
In the months ahead, Trump will bring his embrace of alternative facts on the nation’s behalf into talks with China, North Korea or any number of powers with interests counter to ours and that constitute an existential threat. 

Most of his claims against Mexico are lies.
He demands an expensive Wall to separate us from Mexico buts cuts the Coast Guard budget which protects our coasts from drugs and illegal immigrants.  

His conflicts of interests are never-ending.
He cuts the budget on many social services like school meals and meal on wheels while the taxpayers pay to feed his family at his restaurants.

His tax plan will benefit the wealthy while his budget will cut benefits for the poor and middle class.

He lies about ObamaCare which makes medical insurance more affordable for the poor (expanded medicaid) and middle class (subsidies) and ignores how RyanCare will only make health insurance more affordable to those who earn the most money (tax credits).

The list goes on and on.
He is a domestic terrorist in spreading hate and lies and destroying our environment.

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