Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Current Journey

I am halfway through a nerve regeneration process for peripheral neuropathy (damaged nerves) which includes treatments to increase circulation and an anti-inflammatory diet with special supplements.

After struggling to lose weight the previous year, I have been losing one to two pounds a week without feeling hungry.   The tingling in my face and extremities has improved and the excruciating muscles spasms have become rare.  I still feel random twinges from confused nerves and tinnitus.  Hopefully the nerves in my central nervous system will respond and resolve the tinnitus.

Stay tuned for updates.

ETA 7-9
I have been feeling better most days but still have some painful moments.
The stressful 3 hour clean up of a messy leaking watermelon yesterday morning seems to have ended my current weight loss plateau.  I was happy that the stress of that mess did not ruin my energy level for the rest of the day or bring increased pains.
I am sleeping better without cramping and my constipation tendency has been resolved thanks to the magnesium supplement CALM.

There is a Portuguese supermarket near us that has wonderful stewed dishes which has added nice protein to my daily choices including salmon and a diner with an outstanding salad bar.  Our son loves my new way of eating and my husband tries not to flaunt his bad habits.  However, his A1C has not been stellar and could use some dietary changes.

ETA 7-12
I just had passed the first half of my treatment for peripheral neuropathy and last night felt some real changes in my feet giving me hope for a full recovery.  

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