Monday, June 5, 2017

Mystery Diseases

Some diseases or unhealthy conditions are mysteries, including peripheral neuropathy.

I had 127 tests done and the results show inflammation and allergic reactions but no pollutant or food sources of either were identified.
My blood sugar and cortisol were slightly high.
Triglycerides, A1C, and Vitamin D levels have improved since last July after cutting back on refined carbs.
Omega3 fatty acids are too low and lipids/Cholesterol too high so now have new supplements added to my regimen.
Thyroid is fine.

An anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, and treatments to improve circulation are already decreasing the discomfort of peripheral neuropathy.   As I feel better physically, I feel better mentally and emotionally.  The fear of living with progressive pain has been alleviated.

This alternative treatment is expensive but worth every penny because traditional medicine was doing nothing for me but adding to my stress.  Cannot put a price on feeling well.

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