Tuesday, June 30, 2015

About Edited Videos

This morning I had the displeasure of trying Chantal's new funky workout found on PowHow.  The music was horrible IMHO and the moves either too repetitive and/or totally not my thang with lots of freestyling.  If I want to freestyle, I can choose much better music.

Then I did an edited Michele Dozois which was great with my purple Zumba sticks.  The cardio intervals were great with the music I used too.

Yesterday I was disgusted by a critical comment about an edited video I had shared on WellVideo which is now one of my favorites because of the tunes I added. The person wanted to be able to hear the cuing and did not like the MUsic!  The original video happens to be on WellVideo already if the ignorant person would have searched for the title.
Editing videos and working out to loud music are my pleasures and the main reason why I upload to WellVideo is to store these files for streaming.   This person with a *sense of entitlement*  (she has made other unnecessary comments and demands about videos on Well) has never shared a single upload of her own!  So I unfriended her and made all of my edited files private to avoid reading anymore dumb comments made by her.

Ironically, she is one of the few people on WellVideo that I have met in person several years ago and if she ever read my blog, would understand my focus online.  It is not rocket science.

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