Monday, June 8, 2015

Jessica Smith

A few years ago when Jessica Smith first started posting workouts on her jessicasmithtv youtube channel, I became an instant fan.   I loved her personality and creativity.  Then I started adding music to my routines because MUsic seemed to make me MUve.  Jessica was limited in what music she could use to keep her youtube account unblemished whereas I started using whatever music I wanted.  OK so my youtube account got deleted because of a song that later became cleared for use but too late to restore my account.   Youtube is very finicky which songs are allowed and which are not depending on their contracts with various recording companies.  Also different countries have different restrictions.   It is a legal maze to determine which songs are safe worldwide and which are not.

I need music and Jessica understands that but is limited.  I have supported her youtube channel with donations and have bought every dvd she had in her store directly from her to show my support.

I do like her DVDs but actually prefer her edited youtube files.
There is just something about her simple moves and my music that creates something magical for me.
Proof in point, a couple of years ago I had terrible Plantar Fasciitis and knee trouble.  The files I made replacing audio kept me moving, even if just sitting on a chair.  If I had not found this combo of editing jessicasmithtv with music,  I doubt I would have kept moving.

Recently, I have not been feeling well because of stress and frustration with my physical limitations.  Yesterday morning I was ready to toss in the towel and give up trying to feel better.
Popped in an edited jessicasmithtv file and suddenly, the lyrics of the songs I had chosen were speaking to me and Jessica's wonderful simple movement just clicked.  My pity party was replaced with a real party.  My mood shifted 180 degrees, energy returned, and I went from the bottom of the ladder to the top in my feeling of well being.  I did more of these files this morning and enjoyed them on the 550 bungee and my stability ball,  Yesterday, I did them sitting on a chair because I felt so weak and light-headed.  The songs repeated a bit because I was trying out some new content in the same time period of editing.

I just wanted to share what has kept me moving in spite of physical obstacles and emotional stress.

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