Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The New Well Video Privacy Options

WellVideo is going through a major transition after adding more privacy settings.  As a result many inactive members will be losing their access to the more privately shared videos.  I, myself, have decided not to share with as many friends so removed a few friendships and will be pickier about any new friendships.  If I had stayed officially its moderator, I would have felt obligated to accept all friendship requests which would have been very stressful and would have greatly limited my privacy options.  I have also limited my profile to *friends only* to avoid unwanted requests and messages.  So thanks to the few toxic members who had crossed my path, that Moderator hat had already been removed.  How is that for making lemonade out of lemons!
(or making great preserves out of the spoiled apples)

Ironically, some of my closest online workout buddies never got on board with WellVideo and are now considered *inactive* on Well.  Since we are Well Friends, I can still share my private videos with them even though they may lose access to most of the private content on Well.  However, they may need a direct link to some of my videos.
(HINT: To stay active on WellVideo either make a donation towards the storage expense and/or upload some videos immediately.  To donate: sign on then message the Administrator

Of course, I will be avoid Friending anyone who does not understand my intentions.  The saying
 *With friends like those who needs enemies?* comes to mind.

ETA: I have finally learned to use the word *No* after 66 years of being a people pleaser and am finding the word easier to use, the more I use it.  I spent so many hours a day doing things for total strangers online and now am shifting the focus back to myself and my own needs.  Ironically, I am finding some very generous people who have been so darn good to me even though I have done little for them.  Closing the doors on one-sided friendships enabled me to open the windows and have fresh air with new truly generous people.

After sharing videos, workout tips, and tech tips for over 15 years,  I have decided to spend the rest of my online time in retirement on the site where I have found many friends who appreciate my efforts and love to share.  I may blog about a special offer now and then but otherwise, I am done with toxic people and one-sided relationships.

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