Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lucy Lucy Lucy

I really Love Lucy LOL

Some of the moves she did this morning worked great on the bungee and others great on the ball.  It is the freshest workout style I have tried in a long time.  Nia-like moves tweaked to be more unique with more contemporary MUsic.  I think I am loving Lucy more than Carlos?!?  Chantal still moves like Chantal in her original Soul Sweat DVD with fancier foot patterns whereas Lucy does more whole body feel good moves.  One day if I ever start to truly stream routines to my large HDTV,  I may even subscribe to Lucy's PowHow bundle.

I also enjoyed a medball routine led by Amy Dixon which I may edit with MUsic.

(ETA:  I had more Lucy gushing on the day after the post above but will refrain not to pour salt on the wound of those who have not had the wonderful opportunity of trying the routine I finished this morning.   I, honestly, do not know why these are not selling better other than restricted to streaming.  I find Lucy amazing and much more creative than most instructors who charge more for streams.)

Free Lucy video!

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