Saturday, June 13, 2015


After having a nice conversation with a new friend on WellVideo who gave me much to think about when I get a bad attitude from people I have tried to help, I did the PowHow Soul Sweat with Tori.  Tori was like a breath of fresh air.  She started by talking about how when she dances, she forgets about everything else especially hurtful words.  Her moves were easy to follow and tweak on both the 550 bungee and stability ball.  Her music included some favorites and some new tunes which could become favorites.  I really enjoyed the routine in contrast to a Chantal which was quite bland yesterday.  Tori has a very pleasant personality and it is hard to believe anyone would hurt her feelings intentionally.

The best part of WellVideo is meeting people from all over the world and realizing how similar people truly are no matter where they live.  Some feel good enough about themselves to have a good attitude towards others.  A few are simply not worth the time and energy to help because they can only help themselves to become a happier person inside before they can appreciate others.  Toxic people see *kindness as a weakness* probably because they are too unhappy to be kind.  Kindness cannot be taught.

One of my favorite sayings is
*It is your Attitude that counts most, not your Aptitude or Altitude.*

Another is
*Someone cannot get your goat unless you give it to them*.
I need to work harder on the latter LOL

(I am sharing my check-in on my WellVideo profile wall, Unfortunately, my profile is only shared with my friends in a private group so anyone who did not join this group when the enrollment was less restrictive are too late for the party)

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