Sunday, August 21, 2016

Loving VK!

Everything Happens for a Reason
Using VK had to evolve in stages for me to fully appreciate its potential.

Recently VK did a huge upgrade that took 18 months in its development.
It is similar to a combination of FaceBook and youtube.
(I am still struggling to figure out FaceBook LOL)
Ironically, this upgrade came on the heels of WellVideo ending file storage and and other *free* file storage sites like Toutbox going out of business.

Now that I am using my laptop more often for working out, streaming workouts from VK has become the perfect solution for organizing my daily workouts.  Much easier than trying to find the files on dvds, hard drives, or various websites and I can easily try some new routines that others have shared on VK.  I can even add videos from other sites like youtube and mymail with a few mouse clicks.

I will still do some workouts in the basement with dvds when it is cooler.  My huge hexagon bungee is located there but I may eventually move it up to the den after tossing an armchair taking up the perfect corner for it LOL

Anywho, give a try and friend me!

ETA 8/30:
Still spoiled using mostly a laptop and the PROBounce in the den although I have used the Hexagon on laundry days in the basement.

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