Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Surrogates

Has anyone ever noticed that the surrogates for the POTUS candidates differ greatly in their personalities?

Almost every Trump surrogate talks fast with a nasty attitude.
They seem to talk even faster when trying to defend the indefensible, even stating their own crazy theories as truths.
I now *mute* them.

Almost every Clinton surrogate speaks slower and with a calm attitude.

Let's face it, the Clinton campaign has plenty of ammunition and the Trump campaign has run out of ammunition.  Trump's last speech attacked Clinton with the exact adjectives used to describe his own bizarre temperament.  Only the blindest of his minions could take his criticism seriously.
How long will Trump stay on script?
He seems to struggle when reading a script so probably will start shooting himself in the foot within the next day or two at the most.  The Clinton campaign will be able to keep their arsenals full till November, especially if the debates happen.

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