Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Den Daily Checkin

Yesterday I switched the JS550 to the den.
Since I am using a laptop hooked up to power speakers, I wanted to track the videos I am doing on the laptop so will blog a checkin.

This morning I did the rest of a new Medora Class which I had started yesterday on the bungee.
Then did the rest of one of the new fusion routines by Jessica Smith which I had started Sunday while standing in front of the laptop with light weights.
Finished with a breakdown from Country Heat to which I had added music tweaking the moves while sitting on a swivel chair.

Hopefully, I will return to the basement when it is cooler but for now, am really enjoying having the videos at my finger tips.  The screen on the laptop is actually better than my old tube tv.   Plus it is easier to find the routines I want to do either online or on my hard drive than on a dvd.

ETA 8-17
an edited Bellicon routine then some Richard Simmons Project Hope

just did an edit of the Jazzercise Dance HIITS and loved it.
I did 20 minutes on the PROBounce and was pooping so switched to the swivel chair for the rest.
(I am afraid I am getting so into using the den laptop that I may not return to dvds!)

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