Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trump and the Media

Trump says the media is biased.
It is very hard not to be biased against this narcissist and con artist.

He craves publicity no matter whether it is good or bad and behaves poorly so gets plenty of the bad publicity.

Even when the media gives one of his *jokes* a bad spin, it is his own fault that most people think the worse of him.
It is like the boy who cried wolf.  When he rarely tries to be honest about a misconception, people will not believe him.

His reputation now precedes him.
People see him as he has been most of his public life.
He created this image and there is no reversing this image.

His hate rhetoric has made me ashamed of this country and fearful.

Clinton has been under a microscope for all of her adult life as a public servant.
She has made some mistakes but obviously worked hard to help many people.
She is stable and experienced.

As far as policies, I am totally against the GOP platform and have no idea what Trump truly wants to do because he contradicts himself everyday.
I'm 100% with her and want a Congress who will work with her, not against her.
I also want a Supreme Court which enables and protects equal rights.

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