Monday, August 1, 2016

Who is the Pathological Liar?

Trump and his minions call Hillary a liar.
He lies 24/7, throws out conspiracy theories like Obama is Muslim and not a natural citizen, makes frequent mistakes either out of lack of knowledge or lies intentionally,  contradicts himself daily even after being shown videos saying the opposite, etc.   He says outrageous things just for publicity without care of what people think or how it affects anyone else.  He is an embarrassment to his staff and family.  Most have to sign hush agreements when working for him.  He will never admit a mistake because it is an admission of guilt. Then of course, his favorite line of defense is to threaten a law suit for anything said or done that annoys him.  He is above the law and the only one with freedom of speech.
I believe everytime Trump is derogatory about our Armed Forces, he is not a patriot and is committing treason.

Hillary Clinton is called a liar because she does not have Total Recall or a crystal ball.
She admits she made a mistake having a private email server and has apologized.
Nothing serious happened because of this error and ironically, the government servers have been hacked. Most of us have said things in emails that can be embarrassing if not damaging.
Technology evolves daily and so do the rules of its use.
Just look at the daily damage of Trump's Tweets because he has no conscience or filter.
Policy and Action decisions are not always clear cut.
There is no crystal ball.
If there were, there would have been no 9/11.
If there were, there would have been no invasion of Iraq.
Both of these events occurred when there was a GOP POTUS.
Hillary has been under a microscope for 40 years and has passionately helped people her whole career.  The privacy she has surrendered is much more of a sacrifice than Trump trying to accumulate more wealth and power.
Imagine trusting Trump with national security when he seems to have no clue what is fact and what is fiction.  He is more interested in getting publicity than the nuances of national and international security.  If he truly learns about the world from TV shows, I suggest he watch *Madame Secretary* instead of *Scandal*.
Just the other day he lied about receiving a letter from he NFL about the debate schedule and claimed Clinton rigged the schedule.  He also claimed Clinton's staff wrote the speech for the Muslim father. I am sure several of his minions now believe the Mother was silent because of her culture.  what about Melania?  How much has she spoken during this whole year?  Ivana had to be very careful of what she said when married to Trump.  Their marriage went downhill once she found her voice. Was he projecting his own attitude towards women?

He seems to either believe his own lies or has dementia or thinks everyone else has dementia.
Imagine him being investigated for anything when he constantly lies and contradicts himself.
Imagine trying to figure out what is true and what is not when this future POTUS has a press conference or a crisis.   His sacrifice has been being a wealthy businessman for his own gain with his dad's fortune as a security blanket.  Would you let a brain surgeon operate without proof he is an experienced and successful brain surgeon?   If this is his claim to fame, why not release his tax returns to show how great he is at managing business and how charitable he has been?

His wife's character is not much better plagiarizing her speech and claiming to have a college degree.
Both times she spoke in the past year, she has shown she does not have a clue about much except make up and clothes.  She supports legal immigration so she has someone to vacuum her rugs.
Never thought someone born and raised in a Communist country would live in the White House before a female President.  Maybe Trump needs to add *The Americans* and *Tyrant* to his TV schedule.
Trump is influenced by his advisers about policy because he has no ideology but ignores them about his behavior because this childish counter-puncher is who he is.  His campaign manager worked for 10 years for someone still influential in Russia and the GOP platform has reformed its Russian policies.   The campaign manager also thinks we have dementia and believe his lies.  Putin recently visited Melania's country of birth. Trump Jr said money was pouring in from Russia in 2013.
Trump supports Putin as a leader more than Obama because Putin has said nice things about Trump.
What will happen if and when Putin calls him something not so nice?
Trump is not loyal to his business partners, investors, friends or wives.
Afterall, the man who got Trump out of financial difficulties is Muslim and is now warning Americans against Trump.
How is it that Melania and Trump get a free pass in international connections?

Is this Trump's America or ours?
He is a draft evader and income tax evader.
The only charity he cares about is himself.
His is only concerned about his own civil rights.
He is a rotten role model.
He puts publicity ahead of national security.
He is a domestic terrorist using rhetoric as weapons of mass destruction.

Do you want this sociopath selecting Supreme Court Justices?
Do you want this sociopath to have the nuclear codes (if he could remember them)?

I hope this is just a nightmare and I wake up before the end of America and the World.
The World is watching.
Prove Americans can still think and are not mindless zombies.

A sub-group I cannot understand are the Trump defenders who are educated and yet cannot admit he is wrong when there is no rational defense for his behavior.

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