Sunday, August 14, 2016

Private Communications

I have been active online since 1998.
If my private emails or private messages were ever made public,
it would be devastating.
It is bad enough that I have seen private community posts made more public by unethical members of communities and rumors spread by toxic people.
Toxic people resent *People Pleasers* because toxic people only care about themselves.
Russian hackers have their own agenda and to empower them is a huge mistake.

From what I have seen, Clinton is darn careful, not careless.
She has a good heart and a conscience.

Trump is totally careless and does not care how much negative behavior he may trigger.
He has no conscience or heart.
He is toxic.
He is unfit, emotionally and mentally.

It amazes me when Trump surrogates spread toxic lies.
It amazes me that there are so many ignorant Americans who believe these lies after witnessing his behavior and that of his surrogates.

I have to wonder if the assassination of the Muslim Imam and his associate in NYC would have happened if it were not for the Trump toxicity that has infected our country like a malignant cancer.

People with a conscience really need to be protected from those without one.
I'm with Her.
Do not waste your vote on anyone else unless you have no conscience.
Also I do NOT support the anti-gay GOP Tea Party platform.
I support the Greater Good America,
not the Greatest Evil America.

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