Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Trump Rollercoaster

In the beginning, my husband was amused by Trump and thought Trump would be the easiest candidate for Clinton to beat.  However, I was not amused and was very unhappy that there were so many ignorant and bigoted Americans.

Now that it is clear which candidate is fit, I am less worried and more entertained by the ridiculous behavior of Trump surrogates.  It is quite amusing to watch them chase their tails, going in circles and trying to defend Trump's public image by blaming everyone else including the media, the GOP, Obama and Clinton instead of the larger than life behavior of their most famous narcissist. .

Even the Clinton surrogates look like they are trying not to burst out in laughter when discussing their candidates and the Trump surrogates sound even more outrageous than Trump.  OK a few did actually LOL

I still have to see this demagogue's face on TV and online and probably will have to see it for quite awhile after the election with his rigged accusations, the Trump University courtroom drama and his planned Trump TV network venture.

Becoming more aware of the uglier Americans around me is worth the price to see the probability that there will be a future Senate majority working with Clinton.

Let's hope a lone wolf does not respond to Trump's *bad jokes* and lies:

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