Monday, June 17, 2013

Dakidissa, FemFusion, Andrea Palen and Jessica

Here's what I did this morning.
First Dakidissa's Jumping Jacks routine with a nice variety of jumping jacks for the bungee and/or stability ball plus decent MUsic :)

Then the first upright 13 minutes of FemFusion Express even though I already had butt DOMS from yesterday.  Really love these FemFusion Vimeo routines!
Nice move combinations plus MUsic :)

Then a short but tough weightless arm routine by Andrea Palen to which I had added MUsic from Kinky Boots but here is her original routine on youtube:

Finished with some of Jessica's Power Walk to which I had added African MUsic while holding Fitstix on the bungee.  FemFusion made me want to move more with African drums.  Also did alot of biceps with my heavier Zumba Stix.

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