Monday, February 11, 2013

Freemake 101

Here's a quick Freemake Video Converter guide:

If you have a windows operating system you can download the
Freemake Video Converter 
or from a filemail where I uploaded the setup file:

The download will try to get you to accept a couple of other software programs but just refuse the other software unless you want any of them. If you do download any by mistake or to try, you can uninstall/remove them whenever you want.

Freemake Video Converter can download a youtube video by copying the url and choosing to *paste the url*. It can then either convert the video(s) to store on you pc (I usually convert to wmv or MP4 because Windows friendly) or it can directly burn the downloads to a dvdr. I just finished burning over 5 hours of stored videos of mixed formats (wmv, mp4 and flv) to a single dvdr movie in about one hour .

It also enables trimming and ripping video titles from a dvd. It will also upload a video file to youtube, breaking it down into chapters shorter than 15 minutes.

If you want to download a video like the ones uploaded by Jessica Smith, convert it to MP4 and choose the audio to be mono instead of stereo to avoid the left speaker only audio.

ETA: if anyone wants to try Pump It Up
here's a filemail for that

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