Friday, February 8, 2013

Jessica's new sound system

So Jessica Smith has a new sound system which makes the audio much louder and clearer on her newest living room workout Dance Party BUT it still plays audio just through my left speaker on the pc and when burned to dvdr on the dvd player with attached speakers.
Of course, I never give up LOL
So the solution for me has been to use Freemake Video Converter in 3 separate stages:
Download the video without audio
Download the video and convert it to MP3 mono (without stereo)
Then open the video without audio and adding the MP3 file to the video file

I can now hear the audio through both speakers.
OK it isn't stereo but neither was the original on youtube.
Maybe Jesssica can fix the audio settings on her end one day.
For now I am thrilled that the music is louder and clearer.

This morning I did Jessica's Dance Party on and off the bungee, even while standing on the gliding pads from the Booty Slide set.  Then I did some Bellicon videos and finished with Classical Stretch.  My  troublesome right hip and knee seemed to respond to 609 very well even though it was for frozen shoulders!

Here's the Bellicon I liked alot:

Uh-oh looks like the snow that became rain is now snow again so our possible blizzard may be approaching.


  1. Still enjoying all the youtube variety!Stay safe in the oncoming storm!