Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jessica New DVDs

So yesterday I did the first half of Cardio Flow on the Jessica Smith Total Body Balance dvd as a spark and really enjoyed it.  This morning I did the warmup and High Energy Walk on her walking dvd which was bungee and Fitstix friendly.  Then I did half of her Sole Sculpt on the Balance dvd before alittle CS.  I was really sweating!  Sole Sculpt is especially very sneaky and much more intense than it looked.
The walking workout was much better than any of Leslie Sansone's for me.  Leslie always seems to tighten my hip flexors with repetitive moves.  All of her routines look and sound the same to me. Unlike Lays potato chips, I only need one.

However, as much as I liked Jessica's walk for its combination of moves and scenery  I have to admit I enjoy the Living Room walking videos to which I added MUsic even more. I just need the MUsic to feel the full joy of muving.

Jessica's dvds can be bought directly from her Amazon store, Collagevideo, TotalFitnessdvds. etc.
There are samples of them on her blog and on the vendor sites as well as my youtube channel sample playlist.

ETA: I have really been enjoying walking with Manuel when I want to just get up and move without much thinking:

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