Friday, February 22, 2013

Manuel Meet Jessica

This morning I warmed up to a workout style I have been sparking to found on youtube by a German instructor named Manuel.  However, I added MUsic to his stuff because I just workout more enjoyably to loud music and his cuing was in German though I could understand much of what he said growing up with grandparents who spoke Yiddish and having German in college.  This morning's routine just had the music played over his music and cuing so I am replacing his audio completely for a better sound effect.  His style is very easy to follow and works well on and off the rebounder just to give the joints some lubrication throughout the day.
The youtube channel with his stuff as well as other instructors:
I am trying to contact them for permission to upload the video files to which I have added MUsic.

After warming up with Manuel, I did the second part of Jessica's Power Walk on the bungee then did the first part of her Living Room Dance Walk to which I had added MUsic before doing some Classica Stretch.

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