Sunday, February 24, 2013

Manuel, Jessica and CS Day2 LOL

This morning I warmed up with 15 minutes of Manuel on the bungee and even picked up my Fitstix.  He is really easy to move with when mindlessly healthbouncing or walking and adding my own MUsic makes him even more fun.  Perfect for warming up.  Thanks to having so many downloads of Manuel from youtube, I pretty much have been able to use just about my whole music library LOL  The one I did this morning had Beatles tunes replacing the audio of this routine:

Then I did 15 minutes of Jessica's High Energy Walk from her Walking dvd but I had added my own MUsic to it, mostly Maroon5 tunes and really enjoyed the routine even more than when playing the dvd.  I did it on and off the bungee, with and without Fitstix.

Then I did the second half of Jessica's Dance Walk youtube workout to which I had also added MUsic.

Finished this morning's workout with some of the CS922 routine.

ETA: I did try to save all of my Jessica downloads onto a single master dvd which I could more easily share with those who wanted a Living Room workout dvd badly but by cramming them all on, it made Jessica sound like she was in an Alvin and the chipmunk cartoon! LOL

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