Saturday, February 23, 2013

Manuel and Jessica and CS

First I want to mention that even though I have burned dvdrs of Jessica's Living Room workouts as a favor for some VFers, I have decided not to do so anymore.  It is too time consuming and uses my laptops resources so extensively that I can do little else with my laptop during the process.  Also there is the expense of blank dvdrs, postage, and packaging as well as stress worrying if the person received the dvdr(s) and can play them satisfactorily.   Folks can try them on youtube, download them from youtube (or my current filemails) to play on their puter and/or even burn them to dvdr if their puter has a dvd burning capability.  For me to charge somebody for my expenses and time at minimum wage, I would have to charge at least $25 per dvdr and the quality is not the greatest.
I prefer to spend my time and resources sharing on youtube and adding MUsic to workouts for my own personal use.

Just buy Jessica's dvds if you can only workout with a dvd!
They offer much better visual and audio quality than her Living Room youtube videos.

I also worry that my freebies may stop people from ordering her dvds:
*Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, even if the milk is alittle sour*.
So even if my filemail upgrade continues, I do not plan to upload Jessica's living room workouts again.  Besides, she is constantly adding new workouts to youtube so I am not going to try to upload all of her past, present, and future youtube videos to future filemails.
Since the lack of interest in the videos to which I have added MUsic implies I am not interfering with her youtube or dvd income, I will continue to upload them to youtube so I can play them on my HDTV with internet apps because they are my favorite way of moving.

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee with the German instructor Manuel.  However, I have also been replacing his original audio with my own MUsic
His original youtube videos can be found on this Playlist:
Walk with Manuel in German - YouTube

Then I did the Cardio Dance Sculpt  (Jessica's Total Body Balance dvd) and really enjoyed it.  Also did the standing part of Core Stretch.  Finished with CS 920 (?) which was a pretty good routine.
I didn't get my exercise high from my JS with MUsic videos but ran out of time and energy.
Tomorrow is another day.

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