Sunday, February 3, 2013

Slow Start

I started out slowly today with some of Roberta Bergman's Back Therapy routine because of a numbness in my left leg that developed last evening.  I had edited out her floor work and did the 2 warm-ups, standing stretch, wall stretch, chair stretch and best of all, her bar stretch.  I shared the bar stretch on 2/1 after adding music to it and doing it as a spark.  This morning, I used my light Katami bar.  The other day, I used a band stretched outwards which is also demonstrated in the video.  This morning I did all of her routines with her cuing, wishing the whole time I had already burned the routine to use in the basement with the MUsic added LOL
Then I did some of Jessica Smith's Abs Diet for Women Cardio Interval workout on the bungee to which I had added MUsic.  Ironically, the MUsic was from a Leslie Walk.
Then I did some of Jessica Smith's Cardio Barefoot Flow to which I had added new MUsic.
Finished with some Classical Stretch.
Numbness is now gone :)

ETA: My spark was the same as that posted on 1/27 (Bollywood MUsic added to Jennifer Galardi's Sweat Sexy shown on Sportskool) and also an arm routine by Tracey Anderson to which I added MUsic.

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