Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still Jessica and CS

This morning I warmed up with the second half of Cardio Flow on Jessica's Total Body Balance dvd then did half of the Power Walk, mostly on the bungee from her walking dvd.  Before finishing with a better than usual Classical Stretch (think it is 919), I revisited Jessica's Living Room Fusion Sculpt part 1 to which I have added MUsic.

Total Body Balance is similar to Ellen Barrett's style and Walking for Weightloss similar to a Leslie Sansone and Michelle Dozois fusion.  Personally, I think Jessica has done an amazing job exceeding all of these previous pioneers.  She is more creative with her moves, most of which feel good and aren't too repetitive.  The dvds are chaptered beautifully for mixing and matching.  I also love her personality and attitude.  For example, she mentioned (paraphrasing) *the main goal for working out should be to feel energized afterwards rather than to lose weight*.

That being said, my favorite part of this morning's workout was Jessica's Fusion Sculpt with Fitstix.
I almost have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming when doing the routine.
What I liked most about this episode was how it loosened my lower back and hips.
I had to keep the sample short to avoid violating any copyright restrictions.

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